BAYAN Canada marches with ILPS, continues support and solidarity with the people of Gaza

the shaky ceasefire that was reached earlier this week, organizers of
the Montreal demonstration in support of the Palestinians in Gaza had
gone ahead as planned with their march on Sunday January 25.  BAYAN
Canada in Montreal marched along with the International League of
Peoples Struggles (ILPS – Canada) contingent showing their continuing
solidarity with the Palestinian people.  ILPS and BAYAN Canada believes
that the ceasefire does not address the root causes of the conflict in
Gaza and urges the Palestinian people to continue their struggle for
national and social liberation.

The organizers of the more
than one thousand Montreal demonstrators demanded that the Canadian
government denounce the actions of Israel and cut diplomatic ties with
Israel following the example of countries like Bolivia and Venenzuela. 
The Quebec-based organizers also call for the provincial government of
Quebec to cancel its bilateral economic agreement with Israel that was
signed last fall.

While supporting the demands of the
organizers, BAYAN Canada also points to the Philippine Arroyo regime's
continued subservience to US imperialist interest by keeping mum about
the US-backed Israeli actions in Gaza, its lack of political will to
uphold the rights and welfare of Filipino migrants in the Middle East
and its continued implementation of its labour export policy – working
madly to ensure that thousands more Filipinos leave the country to work
in dangerous and unstable regions instead of creating real and
sustainable jobs at home.

In the three weeks of fighting, over
1,300 Palestinians were reported killed, including an estimated 400 or
more children, and up to 6,000 wounded. International aid workers and
UN officials are demanding an investigation into alleged war crimes
committed by the Israeli army, including the refusal to allow medical
aid to reach wounded civilians and repeated attacks against UN
facilities that killed dozens of civilians seeking refuge.

Photos of the January 25 demonstration in support of Gaza


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