Unite opposition to aggression and militarization on World Peace Day!

Statement of the International League of People’s Struggle (ILPS, ilps.info)

The International Day of Peace, September 21, 2019


Contact ILPS Commission 4 against wars of aggression and counter-revolution and weapons of mass destruction at peace4@vcn.bc.ca.

The ILPS has organized in unity with its members and allies to make world peace day meaningful. We hope that it helps to bring more mass organizations together to build movements for just peace.

The International Day of Peace was declared by the United Nations Organization General Assembly in 1981. This year’s theme is “Climate Action for Peace,” which intends to “draw attention to the importance of combatting climate change as a way to protect and promote peace throughout the world. Climate change causes clear threats to international peace and security.” (https://www.un.org/en/events/peaceday/) Problems of access to and shortages of resources such as agricultural land, drinking water and energy are resulting in increasing tensions around the world and causing serious conflicts. In 2015, UN member states established 17 Sustainable Development Goals covering issues including “poverty, hunger, health, education, climate change, gender equality, water, sanitation, energy, environment and social justice.” (ibid.) The 13th goal is climate action; the UN is holding a Climate Action Summit on September 23, 2019.

ILPS action in Vancouver on September 21

The ILPS likewise links environmental problems to conflict. For one thing, we understand that military activities cause waste and environmental damage and destroy resources. We understand that many of the biggest conflicts in the world today are related to the petroleum industry and other extraction industries. We also appreciate that military forces and arms producers use and depend on large sources of petroleum and other minerals, as well as water.

The ILPS looks deeply at the causes of violence, including environmental destruction. We share the analysis that the global market economy and the ideals that propel it are the roots of most aggression, domination and militarization. That is, imperialism. First of all, resource extraction is unplanned or ill-planned. Resources are usually privately claimed and fought over, often with political and military support. Ownership, distribution and accessibility are unequal, causing an inherent major rift. Only a small fraction of the population own the wealth and control resources. Tensions of inter-imperialist rivalries and all the contradictions of a global system in deep crisis are higher than ever before. Military mobilization is increasing while militarist and terrorist ideas and groupings are flourishing and the arms production industries churning while the people everywhere are working to resist and create alternatives to the failing system. States are adopting aggressive policies and investing in war. Every tactic of imperialism, from cyber attacks to misinformation campaigns, from economic attacks to support for terrorism, from internal interference for regime-change to armed interventions, is being deployed against states that deviate from the imperialist blueprint and movements that resist or pursue independence. The people must rise to the challenge; the whole planet is at stake.

International military alliances pose dangers, as well. Take North America Treaty Organization (NATO), for example, which is expanding and building more bases, deploying more forces. Led by the US, it was created as a Cold War military challenge to communism. Its role is still to defeat socialism, protect private markets, defend corporate monopoly interests and keep capitalism in control. Today the US and its allies are engaging in many operations and schemes of counter-revolution, especially in Latin America.

Moreover, they are trying to stir up internal conflict or take advantage of internal conflict and domestic turmoil, offering economic sanctions and military intervention as a supposed solution to crises. Media hype and misinformation campaigns are carried out to manufacture consent. The result?—destruction and mayhem in places like Libya, Syria, and Iraq. New plots and threats are being made against Venezuela and Iran today. The sanctions against such countries that pose no international threat are unjust. They are causing shortages of resources and products that civilian populations need in everyday life. Well targeted and measured sanctions or other penalties could be justified against real fascist regimes and aggressors, such as Israel, Philippines and Saudi Arabia, but these are the friends of US imperialism and its allies. The UN cannot resolve such matters as long as the US controls it with the veto power in the Security Council.

The danger of nuclear war is high again. China, Russia and the US are developing weapons of mass destruction, including nuclear powered machinery and weaponry. The US tested a nuclear bomb early in 2019.

The ILPS supports the just struggles of the people trying to liberate themselves from oppression and military rule. We support governments that have democratic processes and provide for their peoples. We support responsible leadership that plans for sustainable economy and resource use with environmental protection. In short, we call for peace but peace with social justice. Social equality is at the heart of our vision. We support struggles including armed conflicts organized to defend the people and their lands and construct their own societies as they see fit.

The ILPS is part of the global movement for just peace against imperialism. We oppose wars of aggression and counter-revolution as well as the development of weapons of mass destruction, especial nuclear weapons. We try to encourage and facilitate the peoples’ movements for just peace.

It is of the utmost urgency that the working people and oppressed of all sectors unite and organize against war and for just peace today.

There will be more mass actions on Armistice Day (Europe and North America, Nov. 11) and during the next NATO Summit (London, Dec. 1-3).

No more Hiroshimas! Oppose militarization and aggression! Just and Lasting Peace!

Dismantle NATO and ANZUS!  Hands off Venezuela, Cuba, Syria, Yemen, Iran and North Korea!

Occupation is a crime! Free, free, Palestine! China, Out of the West Philippine Sea!



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