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Understanding Regime Change and US Imperialism

“Understanding US imperialism to counter its strategy of regime change” Register at bit.ly/Venezuela-Kashmir.

As part of the ILPS Week of Anti-Imperialist Struggle, the Just Peace Committee and ILPS-Canada presents this webinar to examine what the US imperialist strategy of regime change is and how it is playing out. We will look at two cases, the US’ plots against Bolivarian Venezuela and US’ support for India’s occupation of the Kashmir.

1. Nino Pagliccia, Hugo Chavez Peoples Defence Front. He is native of Venezuela and retired professor who has been a tireless activist for Venezuela and Cuba solidarity.
2. Azra Sayeed, with Roots for Equity and a member of the ILPS International Coordinating Group who lives in Pakistan
3. Huma Bashir Dar, with “Stand with Kashmir” in California

Moderated by Barbara Waldern of Just Peace Committee in Vancouver, with solidarity messages by the Venezuela Peace and Solidarity Committee of Vancouver and the East Indian Defence Committee -BC.

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