Two books by Jose Maria Sison launched in Toronto: “tools to move the revolutionary movement forward”

Friends, comrades, compatriots and kababayans gathered Friday, September 11, 2009, for the book launch of the first two of four volumes of the revolutionary writer, poet, and activist Professor Jose Maria Sison’s collected works.

The group was also gathered at Central Neighbourhood House in Toronto for Coni Ledesma, who was there to introduce his works, and speak about the prospects for human rights and peace in the Philippines. Ledesma is a member of the negotiating panel of the National Democratic Front of the Philippines (NDFP) and is the spokesperson for Makibaka, an underground women’s organization.

Ledesma stuck to a short speech, which simply shared a few thoughts about her experiences with ‘Joma’ Sison as a person, then opened the public forum up for questions. Joma’s extraordinary ability to write and analyze were the main topics of her praise. She points out how prolific a writer he is, brimming with ideas and keen insights.

“He can analyze society so deeply and see the trends” to the point where he foresees major events in the future, such as the current economic crisis. Later she remarks, “the biggest contribution of Joma’s talents is– he gives an analysis for changing society, for changing the world… He gives you the tools to move the revolutionary movement forward.”

More at: Book Launch: Analysis for Changing Society, the World : The Philippine Reporter.

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