The ILPS-Canada 12-point Program for Peace

The federal election in Canada set for October 21 has started, and Canada’s foreign policy will be up for debate. ILPS in Canada puts forward our 12-point “platform for peace” to demand an anti-war government.

  1. Canada’s foreign policy should be an anti-war policy.  The Canadian government should not support war as a tool of U.S.–led imperialism. 
  2. Canada should not support foreign intervention in the name of unprincipled peace. It should support peace-based on social justice.
  3. Canada should have an independent foreign policy.  It should declare a total moratorium on Canadian participation in military exercises conducted by the U.S., NATO, NORAD and other military formations. Canada should immediately withdraw from NATO and NORAD and any other international organizations that promote military aggression to promote imperialist interests.
  4. Canada should support the movement for nuclear non-proliferation and other weapons of mass destruction and sign the 2018 Treaty on the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons (NPT) and decommission all weapons of mass destruction.
  5. Canada should not participate in economic and other sanctions against Iran, North Korea and Venezuela to promote the interests of imperialist countries.  It should restore full diplomatic relations with Venezuela, Cuba, North Korea and Iran.
  6. Canada should support a just peace in the Middle East based on total withdrawal of Israel from all occupied territories, the right of return for Palestinian refugees, full and equal rights for Palestinian citizens of Israel and the formation of a single secular state in Palestine based on universal suffrage.  Further in response to the continued illegal occupation of Palestine and the siege of Gaza Canada should impose sanctions on Israel and explicitly support a BDS position until Israel complies with International Law.
  7. Canada’s global platform should focus on peace, disarmament, social justice and environmental sustainability.
  8. Canada should call for demilitarization in the current hotspots of armed con?ict (South China Sea, Korean Peninsula, Kashmir, etc.) and withdraw support from the wars in Syria and Iraq.  It should pull Canadian forces out of Eastern Europe and the Ukraine, and keep out of the waters of the Korean peninsula.
  9. Canada should focus its efforts in giving humanitarian, material support to refugees and other people displaced by conflict.
  10. Canada should oppose the arms race.  It should reduce weapons production, exportation and importation.  It should develop strict guidelines for weapons development and trade in military related products and services based on the principle of no weapons sales to repressive and aggressor states such as the Duterte regime in the Philippines, and the governments in Saudi Arabia, Colombia, China, and the United States.
  11. Canada should convert military-based industries and facilities to provide for civilian needs and redirect military spending to meet human and environmental needs.
  12. Canada should oppose the militarization of space and the Arctic.
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