Support for our sisters and brothers in India fighting for their dignity, land and liberation – ILPS-Canada

I bring you warm greetings today in the name of The International League of Peoples Struggle. The ILPS unites over 300 organizations from more than 40 countries in all regions of the world and we’re here today with you in front of the Embassy of India ILPS-Canada joins action in Ottawa before Indian Embassyin Ottawa, Canada, to show our wholehearted support for our brothers and sisters in India fighting for their liberation, their dignity and their land.

We know that at the heart of the just struggle of the people of India is the plunder of their land, forests, hills and rivers by Indian and multinational corporations, including Canadian imperialists.

As you know, in late 2009 the Indian government unleashed massive war against its own people under the code name “Operation Green Hunt”. It deployed over 100,000 military and paramilitary troops in the so-called “Red Corridor” that runs across several Indian states. This is the region where millions of adivasis – the indigenous or tribal peoples – were pushed by waves of invaders.

As Indian writer Arundhati Roy said, “This is a war waged by the army and paramilitary forces for the super rich corporations against the super poor of India, who have been driven to rebel and resist by years of injustice and mistreatment. … The Government doesn’t give the people anything else than violence and disrespect. And now they want to take away from them the last thing they have, their land”.

These women and men are today on the front lines of the revolutionary armed struggle in India. They provide a shining example among the several peoples’ liberation movements around the globe responding to wars of aggression and extreme forms of oppression and exploitation. They are the leading edge of a growing anti-imperialist united front that includes the mass uprisings which have spread across the Middle East, North Africa, South Asia and Latin America and the growing resistance in Europe, North America and beyond.

We join with you here today to support the Indian people who are demanding by armed struggle and other means an end to the looting of their country by Canada and other imperialist in cahoots with local exploiters… and the creation of a new India where true justice and genuine equality will prevail.

We join with you today to say:

Stop imperialist globalization and plunder!

Canadian imperialism, out of India!

Long live the courageous struggle of the people of India!

Ottawa, Canada –  January 21, 2012


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