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A Statement of RESIST!** on the G20 Summit
14 September 2009

As the G20 summiteers gather in Pittsburgh, USA, on September 24-25, 2009, the people world-wide are being told two stories – the monopoly-controlled media tell them that ‘economic recovery has started’, but their daily lives tell them that the their lives are more insecure than ever, it is harder to make ends meet, that any confidence they had about their future has evaporated.

The giant chasm between these two stories parallels the gap in power between on the one hand the billions of men and women and on the other the few representatives of the ultra-powerful finance and economic oligarchy who will be meeting in Pittsburgh behind walls of police.

The G20 is a mechanism for co-opting the leaders of some of the poor countries, such as Brazil, South Africa, India and China, to legitimize the monopoly-capitalist exploitation of the world’s peoples and resources, which the leaders of the core group of rich capitalist countries – the G8 – can no longer impose in their own name.
But make no mistake, the G20 will declare that it is back to ‘business as usual’, and make the most minimal changes possible to the free-wheeling capitalism which created the massive economic collapse of 2007-2009.

At best there will be a non-enforceable guidance to the giant banks to restrain their obscene salaries and bonuses. At best, there will be some kind of central bank overview of the most rapacious and deceptive financial products which triggered the collapse, but financial casino products will continue to be used.

There will be no ‘bail out’ for people losing their homes, for workers losing their jobs or taking all the risk with part-time casual jobs, often in the informal sector.
There will be no bailout of the people suffering and dying from the effects of environmental degradation wrought by the wantonly destructive operations of the oil, mining and agro-industrial monopolies.

There will be no bailout for the millions of small farmers whose domestic markets have been flooded by imported products subsidised in the USA and Europe.

There will be no end to the austerity programs, the privatisations, the finance and trade ‘liberalisation’, the repression imposed in poor and vulnerable countries in return for International Monetary Fund loans, as is now happening in Central Europe. While the global capitalists claim it will ‘all be okay’, billions of working people continue to face growing unemployment, wage freezes, and punitive restrictions on workers rights whether the economic crisis continues or the surviving finance and economic oligarchy starts to recover.

Beyond the G20 protests

Let us maximise the energy of the protests in Pittsburgh, a workers’ city, because here we can confront the people who have wrecked our world, we can grasp more deeply the scale of our challenge to win Jobs and Justice, and go forward from this G20 into the next months and years of campaigning locally, nationally and globally, more united and confident than before.

Let us confront the G20 summiteers with our determined, angry protests in Pittsburgh, with the cry for real jobs and justice at the top of the agenda for the people on the streets and living in the tent cities.

Let the people’s angry rejection of the G20 develop and grow into a world-wide movement for fundamental change to economic and environmental policy, into a fundamental power shift towards economic democracy.

The people’s demand is for real jobs, decent work, but in a way which opens up the possibility of a better world, where the profound economic and environmental crisis we see now can be overcome and not allowed to happen again.

Let us pursue the demand for Jobs and Justice with ever greater determination, so that the political and financial power of the transnational corporations is curbed and broken, to allow the world’s peoples to decide to allocate the great resources now developed by our labour to be focused on the historic shift to low-carbon economies, the uplifting of the poor majority of the world who survive on $1, $2 or $5 per day through full employment in fair, secure jobs, with real education, health, housing and welfare services.

Let us build a movement for this world of real jobs and justice, peace and equality by expanding the militant trade unions, farmers and peasant associations, women’s, youth and student organisations, environmental champions, and political parties that uphold democracy and equality.

Let us unite these movements into a great global wave of hope to break and sweep away forever the power of the ruthless, brutal super-capitalists who are now desperately trying to recover their now vulnerable global superiority.

** RESIST! is an international campaign organization against neoliberal globalization and war.


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