No War with Iran! U.S. Out of Iraq!

ILPS in Canada condemns the continuing and escalating U.S. aggression against Iran and Iraq and its murderous imperialist policies in Western Asia. 

On Thursday night, the United States of America assassinated two people and their convoys with a drone strike at Iraq’s largest airport in Baghdad.  The first was Abu Mahdi Al-Muhandis, deputy commander of the Popular Mobilization Forces of Iraq. The second was General Qassem Soleimani of the IRGC-Quds Force. Soleimani was in Iraq at the request of the Iraqi government, helping to organize the struggle against the Islamic State, which arose as a result of the illegal American invasion and occupation of Iraq.

Both were operating in Iraq with the agreement of the current Iraqi government, a government that was installed by the US invasion.  This unilateral action of U.S. aggression is both a gross violation of Iraqi sovereignty and a war crime. 

Iraq has been the victim of U.S. imperialist aggression for more than three decades including sanctions, invasion, occupation, bombing, the starvation of civilians, the destruction of infrastructure and the fomenting of civil war.  These three decades of ruthless aggression against the people of Iraq by the U.S.A., Canada and their imperialist allies stand as one of the most heinous war crimes in modern history.  

Iran is a country under crippling sanctions that hurt the people by cutting off necessary supplies. The Canadian State is a full participant in this siege of the country. Even Western media admit that these sanctions are killing Iranians. They have less and less access to materials, machines, and technology. They can’t get medicine that they need. Sanctions are warfare!

Iran won some brief respite by renouncing its civilian nuclear program, but the Americans have unilaterally broken their side of the deal. Iran is surrounded by American military bases, its scientists are assassinated by Israel, its ships harassed by Britain. A war against Iran already exists in all but name.

ILPS in Canada stands with the Iranian people in their struggle to defend their country from imperialist sanctions, encirclement, threats and war. We also stand with the Iranian working class and masses in their class struggle against neoliberalism, capitalist exploitation and reaction in their country. The main instrument of our solidarity has to be to expose and oppose Canada’s imperialist role in the ongoing diplomatic, economic and military attacks on Iran, which have nothing to do with human rights or liberation for the people of Iran and everything to do with continuing the imperialist domination of the region, its peoples and its resources.  

U.S.-led imperialism is the main enemy of the people of Iran, Iraq, the region and the whole world. We must confront imperialist sanctions. We must confront imperialist drone attacks.  We must confront imperialist wars. And if we want a just and lasting peace for the people of the world, we must confront the system of imperialism itself.  

No war with Iran!

U.S. out of Iraq!

Resist U.S. imperialism and War!

Long Live International Solidarity!

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