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Statement of the ILPS Commission 4, November 25, 2019

ILPS Commission 4 called for activities to join in the protests against the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) during the time of the NATO Summit held in London, UK NATO 70th anniversary events will take place from December 1 to 3 this year.

What is worth celebrating? NATO is a military and political alliance established decades ago. It has been building and running more and more military bases in Europe, keeping military surveillance of the Middle East, practicing war games, mobilizing forces around states it sees as deviants and threats, developing misinformation campaigns to justify aggressions or foster counter-revolutions, carrying out invasions such as the occupation of Afghanistan and Iraq, and making strikes such as the bombing of Yugoslavia, Libya and Syria.

NATO stands for North Atlantic Treaty Organization and is an alliance of 29 states committed to upholding its common goals. Created after WW2 and building on the Western alliance, it was creating as the Cold War and was a factor for causing the Cold War. Whereas the Soviet Union had been an ally during WW2, it was an enemy to NATO. The founding members were Belgium, Canada, Denmark, France, Iceland, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, the UK and The United States. They all agreed to provide collective security from attack by the USSR and stop communism from spreading. Although the USSR is no more, NATO’s modus operandi is still to deter or stop states and movements deviating from the monopoly-capitalism model. It defends the present-day set of policies known as neo-liberalism. Its work is thus to develop counter-revolutionary strategy and launch offensives, which imperialist military and political leaders typically characterize as defense of freedom and democracy.

The US, though, has been increasingly going rogue. Its terrible intervention in Iraq began without the cooperation of NATO partners, for example. With the Trump presidential office increasingly backing out of international agreements, and questioning the role and purpose of NATO, there is some debate as to whether to dismantle NATO. Many European states, however, want to extend NATO’s existence. This is one of many signs of sharpening inter-imperialist rivalries around the world.

It is also a sign of the financial, political and social crisis deepening in the US. Complaining that NATO members should pay more for participating in NATO. It is also in conflict with its allies in other regions of the world, such as Asia, about payments for cooperative activities such as military exercises, and base sharing and construction. Some independent economists cite US government liabilities at $120 trillion and consumer debt at $8 trillion, while many of its people cannot pay for housing and lack access to basic services. The US budget for 2019 is nearly $1 trillion. It cannot afford to continue on the same path. It is therefore demanding that other states raise their military budgets.

Two weeks ago, the Associated Press reported on the meeting between US President Trump and NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg. Stoltenberg emerged from this meeting, declaring: “Before allies were cutting defense budgets. Now, they are adding billions to their budgets and by the end of next year, NATO allies in Europe and Canada will have added $100 billion or actually more than $100 billion to their defense spending” since 2016.

Far from showing any willingness to relinquish its special position as ruler of the world, the US and the powers and financial operations that it represents and defends remain entrenched despite the crisis. President Trump and US followers are feeding the rise of fascist thought and organization.

Of course, the expanding arms trade wants to keep the business of war and terror rolling. Big corporations such as Lockheed Martin, Boeing, BAE and Raython are making billions every year from death and destruction.

The peoples of the world again face world war, destruction by nuclear weapons and mega-bombs, more terror and militarization. It is extremely important and absolutely necessary that the people who want true democracy, social justice and lasting peace get organized and rise up for life and just peace.

The ILPS urges working people to join in protests against the upcoming summit. More than that, we urge them to raise the demand for their respective countries to withdraw from NATO and to get their governments to call for the dismantling of NATO. Take action against militarization, wars of aggression and counter-revolution, and weapons of mass destruction. Demand that your governments reduce military spending and take measures to reduce the arms trade.

US, Hands off Venezuela, Syria, Cuba, Iran, North Korea! Support the just causes of the peoples!

Resume the peace talks regarding the Philippines, Palestine, and Colombia, now! Israel, out of Palestine!

Universal nuclear non-proliferation now! No to NATO! Not a single person used for war again!

ILPS Commission 4 opposes wars of aggression and aggression, and weapons of mass destruction, especially nuclear weapons. Its email is



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