Maxime Bernier’s Peoples’ Party is Anything But!

ILPS in Canada participated in rallies against Maxime Bernier and his so-called “People’s Party” on September 25. 
Maxime Bernier and his so-called People’s Party, for all of their posturing about being grassroots and “different from other parties”, is just another party in the service of the Canadian ruling class and their racist, exploitative, colonial system.

The so-called People’s Party is actually an anti-people party.

The foundational lie of the People’s Party is that the deteriorating economic conditions, alienation, social strife and general sense of insecurity and pessimism experienced by the people are a product of immigration, immigrants, and refugees. This is the basic service that Bernier and his party offer their capitalist masters. The service of selling people on the lie that the problems they experience, which are so clearly a product of the rotten capitalist, colonial, and imperialist system, actually come from somewhere else.

Onto to this racist scaffolding, the People’s Party then heaps re-packaged versions of the same rotten economic policies that got us here in the first place: tax cuts for the rich, privatization of public services that benefit working class communities, plunder of Indigenous peoples’ lands and resources, and the grinding everyday exploitation of an economic system that benefits the few at the expense of everyone else.

Blaming those most oppressed and exploited by the system for the failings of the system itself is probably the oldest political trick in the book. But there’s an appeal in simple solutions to systemic problems and, in kicking down instead of punching up on the social ladder. We need to fight back by building unity in our working class communities that what we’re fighting for isn’t some imagined past of white homogeneity and phony “social cohesion” but a real future of solidarity, cooperative relations of production, and peace between peoples and nations. It’s not a future that’s possible under capitalism, which is going to make it a hard one to get to, but its a future worth fighting for.

So the task at hand isn’t just to tear down this rotten house that Bernier built but to tear down the whole rotten system so we can start building the better future we urgently need.

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