Lal Salaam: What Operation Green Hunt Means for India?

SUNDAY MAY 9 @ 1:30 PM
Cinema Room 1800
SFU Harbour Centre, 515 W. Hastings
Vancouver, B.C., Canada
Donations welcome


Join us for a film screening of the acclaimed film Lal Salaam, a fictional account based on the ongoing social, political, and economic realities that are affecting Adivasis (“tribal people”) and fueling Naxalite movements. Cast includes award winning actors Nandita Das, Sharad Kapoor, Makrand Deshpande, Vijay Raj, and Rajpal Yadav. (Film Details: 2002. 131 min. In Hindi with English subtitles)

For the past five decades, widespread neo-liberal globalisation in India, symbolized through mega-dam projects and special economic zones, have driven Adivasis off their lands and forced communities into starvation. Landowners and multi-national corporations have been supported by federal and state governments to industrialize and extract natural resources in Eastern and Central India, where the Maoist Naxalite movement has slowly grown. Naxalites are active in approximately 20 states, accounting for 40% of India’s total geographic area, focused within and around Adivasi communities. In the context of the War on Terror, the Indian government has declared the Maoists as the ‘single largest threat to India security’, recently mobilizing over 100,000 forces as part of Operation Greenhunt to target Naxal insurgents and continue forcible acquisition of Adivasi lands.

We encourage people to attend this critical event, featuring a film along with speakers and discussion. Organized by South Asian Network for Secularism and Democracy, co sponsored by South Asian Film Education Society. Contact: or +1 604-421-6752.

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