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Justice for Danilo de Leon, Justice for all Migrant Workers!

ILPS in Canada condemns the deportation order for Danilo de Leon, chairperson of Migrante Canada, which is scheduled for August 29, 2022. Migrante Canada, an organization advocating for the rights and welfare for Filipino migrants in Canada, is a member of the ILPS and the International Migrants Alliance.

Having arrived in Canada in 2009, Danilo has deep roots in his local community and is an outspoken advocate for migrant rights in Edmonton, Alberta. As a janitor working at the University of Alberta, he organized a “Justice for Janitors” campaign in 2010 to defend workers’ rights. His advocacy was also featured in a 2012 Canadian documentary titled “The End of Immigation?”. Due to unfortunate circumstances, his application to extend his open work permit in 2017 was denied. If deported from Canada, Danilo and his family face a grave risk due to the Anti-Terror Law, which has already threatened the safety of progressive activists in the Philippines.

As an anti-imperialist alliance, ILPS in Canada recognizes that Canadian imperialism causes the displacement of millions of people, which forces migrants to leave their homes and seek their livelihoods abroad. Migrants in Canada then endure exploitative conditions such as low wages, long working hours, and limited access to social services. While migrants continue to provide essential services for the Canadian economy, the Canadian government instead punishes migrants who are advocating for their rights and seeking humane treatment.

We echo Migrante’s call to stop Danilo’s deportation immediately. We also echo their call to demand regularization for the estimated 1.7 million people in Canada without secure immigration status. We encourage everyone to participate in Migrante’s campaign to stop the deportation. Stop the injustice! Status for all!

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