ILPS-Canada Interim Unity Statement (Draft Feb. 16, 2011)


ILPS-Canada will serve as the coordinating centre and broad alliance of the member organizations of the International League of Peoples’ Struggle in Canada. Its formation will be approved by the International Coordinating Committee of the ILPS.

ILPS-Canada elects its officers in a country-wide Assembly held at least every 18 months. Its composition should reflect the makeup of the popular classes and sectors of Canada including the workers, farm labourers, women, youth, students, migrants, the unemployed, those without status, professionals and other such sectors; it should reflect its multi-national reality, and it should seek representation and participants from the country’s various regions and the indigenous peoples and nations.

ILPS-Canada receives and acts on applications for membership by organizations or formations of a mass character that agree with the Charter of the ILPS to assure a broad alliance of member organizations in accordance with the aims and purposes of the League. The ILPS is not subordinate to any political party, government or religious authority and affords equality to all member organizations.

ILPS-Canada has the same basic rights and duties as other country chapters and will maintain independence and initiative in promoting and contributing to the advancement and realization of the aims and purposes of the League.

ILPS-Canada draft basis of unity

ILPS-Canada has a particularly important role because of Canada’s carefully-nurtured false image as a “peacekeeper” and global “force for good” and its close economic and political ties with the world’s No. 1 imperialist aggressor, the United States.

ILPS-Canada unites organizations that unmask and oppose Canada’s role as an imperialist country complicit with and engaged in wars of aggression, military occupations, coups and deadly plunder on all continents, on its own or in concert with the U.S. and other imperialist countries.

Canada’s global imperialist role is particularly evident for its part in the occupying forces in Haiti and Afghanistan, its involvement in the war in Yugoslavia and the Balkans using the “Responsibility To Protect” doctrine as a cover, as a supporter of the bloody Colombian government, its promotion and protection of destructive Canadian mining companies in Africa and elsewhere, its support for Israeli aggression and expansion and its participation in the imperialist “war on terror”.

The mobilization of Canadians against war and imperialism has led to victories, including opposing apartheid regimes in South Africa and Israel, or keeping Canada out of the Iraq war. ILPS-Canada will build on these efforts, and those of past anti-imperialists who opposed Canada’s participation in the Vietnam and Korean Wars and who fought alongside the people of Spain against fascism and other such valiant struggles.

To this end, ILPS-Canada aims to promote, support and develop the anti-imperialist and democratic struggles of the people of Canada and the people of the world, particularly in the Americas, who are engaged in struggles around one or more of the League’s 18 Concerns and support some or all of the following key issues in Canada (not presented in order of importance):


• Defending workers’ rights to organize and unionize, with special attention to struggling for full rights for all migrant workers, including temporary “foreign” workers, seasonal agricultural workers, live-in caregivers, workers who are victims of trafficking and undocumented workers;

• Opposing the dismantling of Canada’s industrial base through corporate globalization policies;

• Opposing Canada’s use of so-called “Free Trade Agreements” and bilateral agreements used to open the door to other countries for plunder by Canadian monopolies;

• Rejecting Canada’s use of “tied aid” and support for the World Bank and International Monetary Fund and other such global entities to promote and support its imperialist interests;

• Struggling for vastly improved public services including health, education, housing, childcare, welfare and transportation and opposing the privatization of public utilities and services;


• Defending civil rights and democratic liberties, including freedom from police harassment, profiling and brutality which targets particularly racialized communities, indigenous people and working class youth;

• Opposing the “War on Terror” at home with its racial profiling, unjust deportations and criminalization of resistance, particularly against people of colour, migrants, new immigrants and indigenous communities

• Against the marginalization, persecution and criminalization of refugees and asylum seekers fleeing state terror, imperialist aggression and national oppression;


• Defending the natural environment against corporate-driven destruction and pollution;

• Stopping the development of the nuclear power and nuclear waste industries and supporting total nuclear disarmament through the scrapping of all nuclear weapons starting with the U.S. and other imperialist powers;

• Putting an end to the development of the tar sands and other such environmentally destructive, solely profit-oriented operations and supporting the development of alternative environmentally responsible energy sources;

• Opposing the role of Canadian mining companies in stalking the globe in search of profits by trampling on the rights of the peoples and particularly the indigenous populations while engaging in massive environmental destruction;


• Supporting women’s liberation from exploitation, domination and oppression by capitalism and imperialism;


• For the rights of children, including freedom from child labour, exploitation, sexual abuse and other forms of exploitation and to provide optimal development opportunities for all children, particularly through the creation of a universal child care program and increased community-based resources to assist families in child-rearing;


• Supporting the right of peoples to national liberation from imperialism, state terror, and national oppression all across the world, and opposing Canada’s criminalization of individuals, movements and organizations associated with national liberation movements in other countries;

• Against the national oppression, dispossession, and impoverishment of indigenous peoples and nations and for their right to self-determination;


• Ending Canada’s participation in all imperialist wars, removing Canadian military and police personnel from all zones of foreign occupation (particularly Haiti and Afghanistan) and withdrawing Canada from all imperialist military alliances, including NATO and NORAD;

• Building the peace with justice movement and closing down all US foreign military bases;

• Opposing the Canadian state’s active support for the Israeli state’s aggression, expansion and furthering of imperialist objectives while supporting the Palestinian peoples’ struggle for their homeland, liberty and justice. This includes support for the Palestinian-initiated Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions campaign aimed at the Israeli state;

• Opposing Canada’s role as a global supplier of military equipment and material;


• Opposing racism, xenophobia and fascism, especially those expressions promoted by Canada’s ruling class, groups, and institutions; and


• Support for the International Migrants Alliance, the International Women’s Alliance, RESIST! (International people’s campaign to confront crisis and war) and other such ILPS-sponsored or related anti-imperialist initiatives.

Redrafted by Toronto-regional Organizing Committee, 14 February 2011.


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