By Prof. Jose Maria Sison
International League of Peoples' Struggle

20 March 2010

The International League of Peoples' Struggle (ILPS) joins the peoples of the United States, Iraq and the rest of the world in condemning the continuing US occupation of Iraq and national oppression of the Iraqi people, as well as the continuing notorious US-led global war of terror. 

We do so as we mark the 7th anniversary of the US invasion of Iraq this March 20. We actively support all protest initiatives being undertaken by ILPS member-organizations and all other forces in commemorating this monstrous imperialist act of aggression.

We must make manifest the peoples' outrage at the betrayal of the American people by the Obama administration for refusing to  undo the  rotten policies and programs of its predecessor Bush regime of carrying out  wars of aggression; and unleashing fascism on a global scale, especially Israeli Zionism in the Middle East.

We must condemn the   unprecedentedly wanton military spending that hemorrhages the chronically sick US economy and deprives the American people of social services and economic relief.  We consider as reprehensible the continued adherence of the US to the bankrupt dogma of neoliberal globalization and the concomitant brazen political deceits.

For all intents and purposes, the Obama administration has clearly shown that it has taken as its own the US-led global war of terror passed on to it by the Bush regime. This is now Obama's war. Under its new emperor, the US is expanding its global network of military bases even while it is sinking in the quagmires of Iraq and Afghanistan.

The Obama administration harps on the false promise of "US withdrawal from Iraq", while fortifying strategic US military bases in Iraq and increasing   US troops and other foreign armed personnel under the guise of security contract employees.  The US is hell-bent on owning or controlling the oil resources of Iraq and is desperately trying to preserve an ever fragile puppet regime through the holding of reactionary elections for this purpose.  These sham elections cannot be passed off as democratic.

Together with the people of the world in solidarity with them, the people of Iraq cannot forget and cannot forgive the killing of millions of Iraqis and the forced displacements of several more millions, the widespread destruction of the economy and social infrastructure and the seizure of oil and other natural resources.  They hate the US aggressors, their imperialist allies and the local reactionary puppets.  For as long as they are exploited and oppressed, the Iraqi people are determined to fight for national and social liberation.

The Obama government is complicit in the crime of aggression in Iraq.  It has clearly abandoned all efforts to prosecute Bush, Cheney and their henchmen for their war crimes in Iraq.  These include the pillaging of Iraqi patrimony and war megaprofiteering by crony firms, the illegal use of toxic chemical and nuclear weapons, such as white phosphorus and depleted uranium "bunk-buster" weapons, and the poisoning of water facilities.  The violations of the Geneva Conventions are unprecedented.

It is not surprising that the Obama regime has condoned the war crimes of the Bush regime. During the 2008 presidential elections, it received huge amounts of campaign funds from    the giant corporations of the US military-industrial complex. Since then it has collaborated with them in the same way as the Bush regime. Key personages of the Bush clique in the defense establishment, foremost of whom is Defense Secretary Robert Gates, have been retained and made part of Team Obama to preserve the militarist policies and programs begun under Bush.

The ILPS salutes the people of Iraq in their continuing heroic patriotic resistance to the US occupation. Their anti-imperialist struggle has made great strides and has contributed greatly to the bleeding of the evil imperialist beast. They are thwarting the despicable US moves to undermine their struggle via demonizing and isolating the armed resistance, and cultivating fringe groups invariably linked to "al-Qaeda" in a futile attempt to outflank the solid homegrown armed resistance.

We call on our member-organizations and all friendly forces in the global anti-imperialist struggle to hold the Obama government accountable for the continuing war crimes in the US occupation of Iraq and in the so-called global war of terror. We call for the accounting of the Bush-Cheney clique's crimes against the people of Iraq, the United States and the rest of the world.

We demand the immediate pull-out of US troops in Iraq, the Middle East, and elsewhere outside of the US, a stop to US support for Israeli fascism, an end to the promotion of fascism and militarism at large, and the undoing of the current US military command structure to serve these ends. The Iraqi people's right to self-determination must be upheld immediately.

We join the American people in calling for an end to the severe debilitation of the US economy by American militarist adventures overseas, and for the prioritization of immediate economic relief and recovery, job regeneration and expansion of social services, especially health insurance and housing for the homeless. We encourage the American people to break the stranglehold of the finance oligarchy on the entire US economic, social and political system.

US, out of Iraq and the Middle East!

No to imperialist wars of aggression, fascism and militarism!

Fund economic relief and recovery, and not the wars and the banks!

Down with US imperialism!

Long live the people of Iraq!


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