ILPS Call to Action on World Peace Day

ILPS call to organize a broad, united opposition to aggression and militarization on
World Peace Day
Saturday, September 21, 2019
The danger of world war is growing. Powerful countries and the multinational corporations that benefit are developing arms including nuclear weapons, building their armies and mobilizing to various arenas in the world. The US is reneging on nuclear weapons ban agreements;  it recently tested a nuclear bomb. Russia had an accident during its test of a nuclear powered Cruise missile. Due to inter-imperialist rivalries and contradictions, competition for markets, fear of socialism and chauvinism, several very serious conflicts are raging in which civilians are suffering mass murder, forced migration, deprivation, illness and malnourishment, and loss of culture and homeland. The occupation of Palestine and attacks by foreign forces in Yemen and Syria are severe situations. The fire could spread. Sanctions and threats are being made against Iran. NATO is expanding its operations, including cyber war. The US and its allies including Canada, Britain and France, are ganging up on socialist governments and trying by every possible means to meddle and stir up counter-revolution in Latin America. They are spreading misinformation and blocking trade with Cuba and Venezuela while they make deals with right wing elements and militarize the regions surrounding Venezuela.
People who desire true peace with social justice, people of conscience and compassion, must come together and face the politics of empire-building and the war machinery. The US does not want to relinquish power and is the watchdog protecting global capitalism, but it is in a weakened state. Russia and China, likewise militarizing, are challengers. This is an opportunity for the peoples’ movements to put pressure on US imperialism and begin a process of change. We can raise our voice in harmony to reject war, exploitation and plunder and start to turn the course away from military might and rule, away from enslavement and  domination towards a more just and peaceful future.
Organize or join actions on Sept. 21.
There will be more mass actions on Armistice Day (Europe and North America, Nov. 11) and during the next NATO Summit (London, Dec. 1-3).
Just peace, now!
Hands off Syria, Yemen, Iran, Cuba, Venezuela, Nicaragua, and North Korea! End the sanctions!
End the occupation of Palestine!
No to NATO!
Universal nuclear disarmament today!
No taxes for war! Jobs, homes and social services, not military spending!
Vancouver: ILPS and Vancouver Peace Council hosting at Peace Flame, Seaforth Peace Park (south end of Burrard Bridge) 1pm on Saturday, September 21.
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