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Hands off Kashmir!

We repost here a statement from ILPS in Canada member organization, the East Indian Defence Committee, on the current situation in Kashmir released on August 15.

The situation of the Kashmiri people is similar to that of other peoples affected by settler-colonial violence, notably the Palestinian people. The Indian government’s August 5 constitutional attack and lockdown in the region are the most recent attacks on the Kashmiri people, and is part of a broader agenda of the BJP government that targets all oppressed and marginalized peoples.

ILPS demands the immediate withdrawal of all occupying forces in Kashmir, and supports the right of the Kashmiri people to self-determination. We encourage everyone to raise awareness of the current situation in Kashmir and participate in actions to demand an end to the ongoing attacks against the Kashmiri people. 

On Aug.5th, 2019, the ruling RSS-BJP combined bared its fangs against the Kashmiri people. In an unprecedented attack on the sovereignty of Kashmiri people, they, through a presidential order, abrogated articles 370 and 35A of the constitution of India. By this, they cleared their way to direct occupation of Kashmiri Nation. This is to advance their notorious agenda for the creation of a “Hindu Nation”. Historically, both these articles 370 & 35A became the treaty and a condition for Kashmir’s accession (not merger) with union of India. Further, they carved the land of Kashmiri Nation in to two union territories namely Jammu & Kashmir and Ladakh.

To aid their misdeed they have added 80,000 more occupying troops bringing the total of occupying army to 850,000 troops. The articles 370 & 35A guaranteed autonomy to Kashmir in all matters except defense, communication and external affairs. It also guaranteed that Kashmir will have its own constitution, its own flag, its own prime-minister and its own President (Sadr-E-Riyasat). It is also a historical fact that the plebiscite promised to Kashmiri people, in consent with UNO, by the Indian state has never been honoured by the Indian state.

The occupying Indian forces has not ceased their oppression on Kashmiri people since 1947. Particularly in last 30 years it has been accelerated. There are reported 70,000 killings, 12,000 disappearances of Kashmiri people and resistance fighters. Rapes of Kashmiri women, injuries to its youth, mass human graves and incarceration at a mass scale is on top of the killings. It clearly shows the real nature of Indian state that rules India, in fact instead is a jail of nationalities. North eastern Indian states, tribal lands of central India and minorities are facing such occupation at the hands of Indian state every day since 1947.

This also exposes the sham of “largest democracy of the world”. This is now a very dangerous situation for other states and people at large. By doing it to Kashmiri people, the Indian state has paved the way to do it to other occupied states and peoples. It is a greatest threat to the federal structure of Indian Constitution.

East Indian Defense Committee and the progressive & democratic people of Canada stand with the Kashmiri people. We express our solidarity to the people of Kashmir and their struggle for independence.

  • We condemn, most vociferously, the occupation of Kashmiri people By Indian State.
  • We demand unconditional & immediate restoration of Articles 370 and 35A.
  • We demand that the occupying army of Indian state must withdraw immediately.
  • We support the right of Kashmiri People for their self determination, up to secession.
  • Victory to the fighting people of Kashmir!

For another statement by the ILPS on Kashmir, see the statement of ILPS Commission 10 for Indigenous rights, the Revolutionary Democratic Organization, and India Pakistan Mazdoor Mahaz.  



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