Global Human Rights – political/cultural event in Vancouver

The Human Rights Day Committee in Vancouver invites all of you to a political/cultural night of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights


Join us for an evening of songs, film, dance, poetry & stories as we stand in solidarity with the peoples determined to assert and defend their Global Human Rights!

December 5, 2009, Saturday @ 6:00 p.m. to 9:30 p.m.
Mount Pleasant Neighbourhood House
800 East Broadway (one block east of Fraser St.) Vancouver, Canada

Organized by the HUMAN RIGHTS DAY COMMITTEE: Canada-Philippines Solidarity for Human Rights (CPSHR) | Iranian Centre for Peace, Freedom and Social Justice | Migrante B.C. | Bureau for Latin America and Caribbean Solidarity | FMLN-Vancouver | New Noise (Mexico) | Grupo Morazanico (Honduras) | Urban Nisga’a Woman from the Nisga’a Nation | Cultural House of Mawlana, Afghanistan | Storytelling Our Lives Group

Endorsing Organizations to date: Vancouver Save Article Nine Committee | Lawyers Rights Watch Canada | Global and Societal Ministries BC Conference, United Church of Canada | KAIROS-Richmond | B.C. ALPHA (Association for Learning and Preserving the History of World War II in Asia) | International League of People’s Struggle (ILPS) -Canada | Philippine Solidarity Network of Canada

For more information, call 604.320.0285 (Beth) or email cps_hr(at)yahoo(dot)ca

One thought on “Global Human Rights – political/cultural event in Vancouver

  1. I’ve sent this to my contacts on the Indigenous Action Movement Facebook group and email contacts.
    In solidarity
    Kat Norris
    Indigenous Action Movement
    Coast Salish Territory

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