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Canada out of NATO! End Imperialist Wars!

The North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) will be holding a summit in Madrid, Spain between June 28-30 to launch its new global strategy and execute plans for its expansion. Canada and the United States are among the founding members of NATO, which now includes 30 member states and numerous regional partnerships in Latin America, Asia, and Oceania.

Canada under the Trudeau government is seeking to increase its active participation in NATO. To reach NATO member states’ target of having military spending being 2% of GDP, the federal government is proposing to spend an additional $75.3 billion over the next 5 years on military spending. This extra military spending means that arms companies will receive greater profits as much-needed social services for working people remain chronically underfunded.

While NATO claims to be a deterrent to conflict, NATO instead has been one of the world’s most deadly forces. NATO-led wars have caused hundreds of thousands of deaths in countries such as the former Yugoslavia, Afghanistan, Syria, and Iraq. Millions more refugees have been forced to escape the carnage of these wars, while NATO member states have enacted xenophobic laws that make it hard for those same refugees to seek shelter. NATO continues to support the Israeli occupation of Palestine and Saudi Arabia’s horrendous assault on the people of Yemen.

As the violence and the misery of war continue today in Ukraine, we must remember that NATO has only aggravated the crisis and suffering of the people there. NATO has continued to expand eastward towards the Russian border, and supported a right-wing coup in 2014 that led to the present conflict. Additionally, NATO member states, including Canada, have been continuing to send billions of dollars of lethal weapons to Ukraine. The weapons have often ended up in the hands of neo-Nazi militias such as the Azov Battalion who have terrorized the people.

Millions more have been impacted by NATO member states’ military installations. The US by far has the largest global military presence with over 750 bases in 80 countries. Overseas military bases have caused immense environmental damage on the land, as well as social disruption, which especially affects women and LGBTQ people.

Throughout late June, anti-war organizations will be mobilizing in Spain and around the world to oppose the military alliance. ILPS member organizations will join these mobilizations as part of a campaign to “Fight Against Imperialist War”. The ILPS in Canada is involved in organizing local actions. We encourage everyone opposed to war and militarism and who stands for just peace to participate in local actions. A list of actions in each city is provided below.

ILPS in Canada sends our warmest greetings of solidarity to the participants of rallies and pro-peace events opposing the upcoming NATO summit. A strong movement to counter militarism is necessary as the threat of greater inter-imperialist conflict still lies ahead.

Saturday, June 25 @ 11:00am,
CBC Vancouver, 740 Hamilton St @ Georgia St.

Tuesday, June 28 @ 5:30PM,
Complexe Guy-Favreau

Wednesday, June 29 @ 5:00PM
Human Rights Monument

Wednesday, June 29 @ 4PM
Constituency Office of Chrystia Freeland, 344 Bloor Street West (near Spadina subway station)

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